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Discount Real Estate Services

You’ve probably heard about or know someone who has successfully navigated his or her own way in selling a property alone. Somehow, it gave you the inspiration enough to decide that you can do the same on your own. You are feeling so confident that you can sell the property by yourself, you forego the help and make the decision to do things on your own.

Selling a home, however, involves so much more simply posting a “for sale” sign in the yard. There is also no guarantee that you can save more when you do it on your own. The selling process is not as simple as most people would like to think. It always makes sense to have a professional on your side, especially in case you encounter a difficult situation that requires guidance.

If you are concerned about agent fees and commissions, Beehive Real Estate is here to help. We offer a low-cost solution where you can list your home and pay low commission rates. As a reliable discount real estate brokerage in Salt Lake City, we help expose your home for a low once-off fee and pay only 3% commission on the sale. Why pay 5 or 6% in commissions?

At Beehive Real Estate, we have discount real estate agents and realtors in Salt Lake City who can show you a better way to sell your home without having to spend so much money. We pride ourselves in giving you the best chance for a successful sale at the highest price with the lowest commission.

Flying solo is not always the best way to go, as it can be more expensive than an agent’s commission in the long run. Trust our discount real estate services in Salt Lake City for assistance like no other. Nobody in the industry can offer our FULL service for such an incredibly low cost. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of listing your home with Beehive Real Estate.